Cheat Engine 6.7 游戏修改器简体中文绿色版

  • Cheat Engine 6.7 游戏修改器简体中文绿色版

Cheat Engine,一般简称CE,是一个开放源代码的软件,作者为Eric Heijnen (“Dark Byte”),功能包括:内存扫描、十六进制编辑器、除错工具,目前仅供Windows操作系统运行。[3]Cheat Engine最常在电脑游戏中当做游戏外挂,有时会更新以避免被其他软件检测到。这个程序类似于L. Spiro的 “Memory Hacking Software”、TSearch、以及ArtMoney。通过Cheat Engine,用户可以查找与修改电脑的内存。Cheat Engine是一款开源工具,它旨在帮你在最爱的游戏中作弊,修改、操纵游戏中的各项参数。为了能够正确使用程序,你必须在进入游戏之前启动程序,并保持其在后台运行。运行之后,你可以选择游戏的可执行文件,它们会告诉你如何修改重要数值,例如,生命的数量,或是其它可修改的变量。现在,你不仅能用作弊的方式快速通关,还能修改各种重要参数。举个例子,如果你觉得游戏太简单,可以减少主角的生命。程序的使用并不全都那么简单,正因如此,在你第一次运行程序时,它会建议你查看完整教程,准确的了解你到底要做什么。然不过,在程序官网上,你会找到预设好的100多款游戏的作弊参数。



Cheat Engine可以查询与修改程序经过反汇编后的内存。通过修改内存,用户可以在游戏里获得一些好处,例如无限的生命值、时间或弹药。它还包含一些Direct3D的工具让你可以透视墙壁,在一些高级选项里还可以替你移动鼠标,这功能可以用来制作aimbot。不过Cheat Engine主要使用在单人游戏,在多人游戏方面并不鼓励。 Cheat Engine可以将代码注入其他进程,因此大多数的杀毒软件会将它误认为病毒。有一些版本可以避免这个问题,但许多功能会因此无法使用。产生这个问题的主要原因是因为Cheat Engine使用了一些与特洛伊木马相同的rootkits以获取部分系统的权限,除非停用杀毒软件的启发式扫描,否则将被视为可疑的程序。新版的Cheat Engine已渐渐不易被杀毒软件所阻挡,像是代码注入的一些功能也能运作无误。 Cheat Engine可以制作专属的游戏插件——Trainer,并可输出成可执行文件。不过通过CEtrainer制成的trainer一般来说大小都很大。一些制作Trainer的团体会将成品做为”最终”版本发布在网络上。[5]因为用Cheat Engine做Trainer的容易性,一些热门网站甚至以CE的Trainer为讨论主题。[6]不过CEtrainer自6.1版以来就没又再更新,而是强调用Lua来制作trainer。



Fixed some DPI issues at some spots
Fixed the “Not” scan for ALL
“simple values” now also applies to the All type
Fixed not adding the 0-terminator to strings when the option was set to add it
Fixed ultimap hotkeys
Fixed ultimap2 filtering
Changing pointers in the change address dialog won’t set/override global memrec and address anymore (local now)
Fixed show as signed not working for custom types
Fixed several issues with the structure spider
Fixed 64-bit registers in the tracer getting truncated on doubleclick, and fix r8 to r15
Fixed copy/paste in the scanvalue
Fixed kernelmode QueryMemoryRegions for windows build 1607
Fixed some disassembler errors
Fixed lua command fullAccess
Fixed text to speech if launched from a different thread
Fixed clicking on checkboxes when the dpi is different
Fixed the found code dialog count size
Fixed mono freezing Cheat Engine when it crashes/freezes

Additions and changes:
Changed the processlist and added an Applications view similar to the taskmanager
Small change to the tutorial first step wording
Structure Dissect: Added RLE compression (by mgr.inz.player) and other things to improve filesize
Structure Dissect: If setting a name, it will also be shown in the header
The symbolhandler can now deal with complex pointer notations
Added support for single-ToPA systems for ultimap2
Added some more spots where the history will be remebered in memoryview
Memoryrecords with auto assembler scripts can now execute their code asynchronous (rightclick and set “Execute asynchronous”)
Kernelmode memory reading/writing is safer now
Added an option to filter out readable paths in the pointerscan rescan
Added “codePage” support
Added font/display options to several places in CE
Added a search/replace to the script editors
You can now delete addresses and reset the count from “Find what addresses this code accesses”
Added a statusbar to the hexview in memoryview
Pointerscan for value scans now add the results to the overflow queue
Opening a file and changing bytes do not change them to the file anymore (you need to explicitly save now)
Added an option to the processlist to filter out system processes
Added a system to let users sign their tables so you know you can trust their tables.
Memory record dropdown lists can now reference those of others. USe as entry text: (memoryrecorddescription)
Added an option to notify users of new versions of Cheat Engine

Custom Types can now be referenced from Lua
Auto assembler lua sections now have access to “memrec” which is the memory record they get executed from. Can be nil
stringToMD5String now support strings with a 0 byte in them
autoAssemble() now also returns a disableInfo object as 2nd parameter. You can use this to disable a script
added Action and Value properties to MemoryRecordHotkey objects
added screenToClient and clientToScreen for Control objects
added readSmallInteger and writeSmallInteger
added enableDRM()
added openFileAsProcess/saveOpenedFile
added saveCurrentStateAsDesign for CEForm objects
added disableWithoutExecute and disableAllWithoutExecute
added OnCustomDraw* events to the listview
added being/endUpdate for the Strings class
added SQL support
added color overrides to the disassembler text
added OnPaint to the CustomControl class
added autoAssembleCheck to syntax check an AA script
fixed the addresslist returning nil for PopupMenu (while popupMenu did work)
added an timeout option for pipes
added some graphical options
added some low level system functions

Russian translation has been updated
Chinese translation has been updated


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