Screenpresso Pro 截图工具便携版

  • Screenpresso Pro 截图工具便携版

Screenpresso Pro 是一个轻量型屏幕抓取工具,内置图像编辑器。它能捕捉您的桌面(屏幕截图和高清视频),在键盘上按下 print键,然后在屏幕上拖出一个矩形框,就可以把这一部分截取下来。如果同时按下Ctrl键时,将会截取整个屏幕的截图,按下Ctrl+Shift+Print便会截取滚动的窗口。

Screenpresso Pro

Screenpresso Pro


功能摘要: 捕捉视频或图片 创建图像和文档 内置图像编辑器 便携式应用 截图分享等更新日志:

Added custom time configuration for delayed capture
Added an action setting to allow automatic printing after every capture
Added Sweden and Czech translations
Direct MP4 recording is now the default setting
Improve hotkey handling (print screen key)
Removed Facebook sharing feature
Upgraded FFmpeg to version 4.0.2
Fixed video preview: video ratio was sometimes incorrect
Fixed editor: drawing of a line or a polygon while shift key was pressed
Fixed workspace: display issue with scrollbars when changing workspaces order

Editor: improved image editor’s automatic window’s sizing when an image is opened
Editor: better suport for RightToLeft text edition
Editor: increased max font size
Multiple minor bug fixes



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